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Skilled immigrants and promotion: Good and bad news from Canada

TitleSkilled immigrants and promotion: Good and bad news from Canada
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsChowhan, J., Zeytinoglu I. U., and Cooke G. B.
JournalProceedings of the 16th ILERA World Congress

The incidence and rate of promotion for Canadian-born and immigrant age-at-arrival groups are investigated. Also a modified human capital framework is used to understand the relationship between job relevant characteristics and promotion. The findings indicate that immigrant's age-at-arrival, education, gender and other relevant characteristics contribute to the odds of receiving a promotion and the rate of promotion. Higher levels of education are related to higher promotion outcomes, for both Canadian born and immigrants. There are also differences by gender, with females tending to have lower promotion outcomes, all else equal. Gaps in promotion outcomes are one potential pathway leading to the observed gap in earnings between immigrants and Canadian-born.

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