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Sedentary behavior among adults: The role of community belonging

TitleSedentary behavior among adults: The role of community belonging
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAnderson, S., Currie C. L., and Copeland J. L.
JournalPreventative Medicine Reports
Pages238 - 241
Keywordscommunity belonging, contextual factors, perceived health, sedentary behavior

Sedentary behavior is a modifiable determinant of health. Little is known about the ways in which contextual factors may influence this behavior. The objectives of this study were to: (1) examine the association between community belonging and adult sedentary behavior during leisure; (2) determine if this association was explained by perceived health. Data were derived from the 2010 Canadian Community Health Survey (N = 11,494 adults). Multinomial regression models and 99% confidence intervals were used to examine associations between sense of community belonging and sedentary behavior, adjusting for sociodemographic variables and perceived health. On average, adults were sedentary for 20-24 h per week during leisure. More than a third of the sample reported low sedentary behavior (

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