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Reproducibility of research conducted with confidential data

Are you a Master’s or PhD candidate, or a postdoctoral fellow, registered for full-time study for the summer 2021 semester, and interested in benefiting from a two-day training session on the reproducibility of research, with a $1,000 bursary attached?

Do you have a current project at QICSS that has reached the stage of being replicable, and would you be interested in being paired with a student or fellow who has had QICSS training on reproducibility ?

In either cases, QICSS invites you to let [email protected] know that you are interested by no later than June 15.

This two-day intensive training will provide an overview of the issues around the reproducibility of research conducted using confidential data, and demonstrate the steps to follow in order to obtain a reproducible project, including how to put together a "reproducibility checklist."

The training will be followed by an opportunity to put the knowledge acquired into practice. The candidate will be paired with a research team that already has an active project at QICSS, which has reached the stage of being replicable. The goal is to get trainees to produce a document that can be used in replication (including a “readme” file).

The two-day training will be offered virtually, on Zoom, in July 2021 (dates to be determined). The subsequent practical portion will occur in a QICSS laboratory. Participating individuals must have — or obtain — a Statistics Canada Deemed Employee status.

15 June, 2021