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Prairie Regional RDC

The Prairie Regional Research Data Centre (PRRDC) was established in 2001, along with eight other RDCs, under the terms of a grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation. The principal investigator for that grant was Dr. Paul Bernard of the University of Montreal, with Dr. Richard Wanner representing the University of Calgary as a co-investigator. Since the Calgary RDC was initially the only Centre in the prairie provinces, it was named the Prairie Regional RDC, although Centres haves since been established at the Universities of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

The PRRDC has 11 workstations with dual or widescreen monitors. Various statistical software are available including Stata, SPSS, SAS, and Mplus, and specialty programs and tools such as ArcGIS and Stat/Transfer.

Statistical and methodological reference material is available for researchers, as well as software manuals. 

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