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The period prevalence of risk behavior co-occurrence among Canadians

TitleThe period prevalence of risk behavior co-occurrence among Canadians
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsdeRuiter, W. K., Cairney J., Leatherdale S. T., and Faulkner G.
JournalPreventive Medicine
Pages11 - 16
Date PublishedApril
Keywordsalcohol consumption, physical activity, public health, risk behaviors, tobacco

INTRODUCTION: While the benefits of complying with health recommendations is well documented, a considerable proportion of Canadians engage in multiple modifiable risk behaviors. The purpose of this multi-wave longitudinal study was to identify the individual period prevalence and co-occurrence of multiple modifiable risk behaviors, particularly excessive alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, and tobacco use, within a nationally representative sample of Canadians. METHODS: Secondary data analysis was conducted on the first seven cycles of the National Population Health Survey. This longitudinal sample included 15,167 Canadians aged 12years of age or older. Gender-specific criteria were employed to define excessive alcohol consumption. Individuals expending