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Paid parental leave: Leaner might be better

TitlePaid parental leave: Leaner might be better
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsHaeck, C., Paré S., Lefebvre P., and Merrigan P.
JournalRGHC Working Paper Series
Keywordschild development, family well-being, maternity leave, natural experiment, parental leave

This article provides an analysis of the impact of the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP). Using a quasi-experimental design with survey data, we find that mothers spent on average 10 additional days with their newborn following the implementation of the insurance plan, and that both mothers and fathers received higher benefits. For children, using both survey data and administrative data, we find that the QPIP had limited positive effects on their health, cognitive and behavioural development. Effects are concentrated among families of mothers with a post-secondary education. These results suggest that while paid benefits increased dramatically, the impacts on maternal time investment and child well-being are modest.

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