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New Research Opportunities Using Historical Census Micro-Data in the RDCs

Date: January 21 2015 - 1PM to 2:15PM EST

Where: Online Webinar

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Canadian historical censuses contain rich information which can be used to study a wide range of topics such as family transitions, urbanization patterns, working conditions, residential segregation, or cultural transformations. Access to this information varies depending on the period when the data was collected and according to whether samples have been constituted and made available for research purposes.

This webinar will shed light on research opportunities that emerge from using Canadian historical census data, particularly those that rely on the use of the samples created by the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure for the 1911 to 1951 censuses, available in Research Data Centres. Examples will be provided with recent research undertaken with these files, especially two involving the author of this seminar: one on intermarriage patterns within Quebec and the other on the causes of the Baby Boom.

Danielle Gauvreau is professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University and the Academic Director of the Quebec Interuniversity Centre for Social Statistics (QICSS).





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CRDCN webinar
21 January, 2015