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Microdata Access Portal

On January 29th, the Microdata Access Portal (MAP) is slated to launch. It will replace the SSHRC portal which is currently used as the submission avenue for RDC proposals. At the same time, the way that RDC applications are assessed is also changing. A summary of the changes follows:


Application Before After
Where to apply SSHRC portal Microdata Access Portal (MAP)
Review Process

For non-student projects: Peer-review set up through SSHRC

All projects: StatCan institutional review

Streamlined peer review process (see below), and StatCan institutional review 

Access and Fee-for-service questionnaire  Sent to researchers in .pdf format

 Webform included in the Microdata Access Platform



Researchers will be able to login to the portal after submitting their proposal to see its progress through the review process.

Because of the change to the peer-review process for non-student projects that do not have funding from the tri-councils, it is possible applications made to SSHRC in the weeks leading up to the launch of the MAP will take longer to get approved than the same application made to the SSHRC portal in the weeks prior.  

If you have any questions, training sessions will be available through StatCan, alternatively you can contact your Statistics Canada analyst at the RDC or the CRDCN