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Language proficiency, immigrants and civic participation

TitleLanguage proficiency, immigrants and civic participation
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBoyd, M.
EditorKatsas, G. A.
Book Title{Current issues in sociology: Work and minorities}
Pages241 - 257
PublisherAthens Institute for Education and Research
CityAthens, GR

Following there is a paper assessing the relationship between language proficiency and civic participation, by comparing immigrants to the Canadian born. Two core questions are addressed. First, what are the relationships between language knowledge and the level and type of civic participation within the immigrant population? Second, do immigrants, particularly those with low levels of language proficiency differ from the Canadian born in the type of civic participation? Using data from the 2002 Ethnic Diversity Survey, the author, Monica Boyd, finds that civic participation does vary by language proficiency and type of association.