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Insights into Census 2016: what's in the RDC microdata file?

2016 marked the return to the mandatory long form Census, and the 2016 Census microdata file is now - already available in the RDCs. The Census of Population is designed to collect demographic, social and economic information about people and housing on a specific day. Access to these data in the RDCs over the last decade has opened up huge research potential given the number of variables, sample size, capacity to analyze small geographic areas and, more recently, linkages to other surveys and administrative datasets.

This webinar is an opportunity to learn about Census 2016 microdata file, its content and research potential (specifically: demography and mobility; immigration and citizenship; ethnic origin and language; Aboriginal Peoples; income; housing; education; labour and journey to work), to discuss comparability issues to previous Census years– including the 2011 National Household Survey - and to ask any methodological questions you might have, with a group of Census subject matter experts from Statistics Canada.

The PPT slide deck is available here. 

You can also download specific sections below. The audiovideo recording will be posted shortly.



Methodologist to present weights

Demography and mobility

Immigration/Citizenship/ Place of Birth/ Admission Category

Language/Ethnic origin/Visible minority

Aboriginal Peoples

Income / Housing

Health Break


Labour / Journey to work


Qs and As 



12 July, 2018
Research Data Centre (RDC):