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How to use data on time use in the GSS: a practical workshop

With Geneviève Vézina, methodologist, Statistics Canada 

3:00 PM - 4:15 PM EDT

Collection of the General Social Survey (GSS) on Time Use was held in 2015 and gathers information on day-to-day activities performed by people in order to estimate the unpaid work, to measure gender equality or inequality in diverse spheres of society and to measure the impact of time stress on our well-being. The particularity of this cycle of GSS is the journal that respondents need to complete. In this diary, we collect information on what the respondent did in a 24-hour period. A diary listing is an efficient way to obtain accurate information on how people use their time and is beneficial for data analysis and producing estimates.
However, the data from the diary are kept in a different analytical file than the other data collected with this survey. Having two different analytical files increase the complexity of data analysis for this cycle. This presentation will provide information on how to use both files of this GSS cycle 29 on Time Use to perform diverse analysis. We will see how to calculate estimates using both files and how to combine the files together. Practical examples will be presented in SAS and STATA. 


 Cette présententation aura également lieu en francais, le même jour, à 13h00.

21 March, 2019
Research Data Centre (RDC):