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GradEarnings research brief: How much do university graduates earn?

TitleGradEarnings research brief: How much do university graduates earn?
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsFinnie, R., Childs S., Pavlic D., and Jevtovic N.
Document Number3
Date PublishedNovember
InstitutionEducation Research Policy Initiative (EPRI)
CityOttawa, ON

This Research Brief presents an analysis of labour market outcomes of university graduates with bachelor's degrees using a new dataset that links information on students from the University of Ottawa to tax records held at Statistics Canada. We study their outcomes across different areas of study from 1998 through 2010. We do this by following their earnings on a year-by-year and cohort-by-cohort basis from 1999 through 2011, the last year for which tax data were available. We also compare the earnings of male and female graduates, and compare those at different ranges of the earnings distribution across faculties.

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