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French language immigration in Calgary

TitleFrench language immigration in Calgary
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsHébert, Y., and Wanner R. A.
EditorGallant, N..
Book Title{Francophone Immigration in Canada}
Pages28 - 32
PublisherQuebec Metropolis Centre
CityMontréal, QC
Keywordscalgary, community life, french-speaking immigrants, integration, minority community, multiple affiliations, socio-occupational integration, worker mobility

The main objective of this study wa s to gain a better full understanding of the redefinition, growth, diversit y and determination of Francophone communities in Greater Calgary. A growing number of immigrants from French-speaking countries are settling in Calgary, a booming city, yet Calgary's Francophone popu lation does not have the means to meet the reception, infrastructure, integration and linguistic identification needs of French-speaking immigrants or to acco mmodate their cult ural plurality. he key issue in this study can be su mmed up in a single question: What an we do to live together? How shall we live together? T c The study drew a contemporary portrai t looked at the current profile of Calgary's Francophone community, id entified problems encountered by various groups, as well as issues and needs, both general and specific. and situated issues and needs within spec ific and general perspectives. The images and experiences of a nu mber of immigrants were compared in order to gain insight into and gra sp the complexity of identification, integration and Francophone life. What makes this study unique is that it examined statistical and lived experienc es individual prof iles with a view to developing a new governance m odel that will would help support residents in living together harmoniously.