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Rich Data Services

Tues. November 24th 2:00 EST

Rich Data Services 

Introduction to Rich Data Services

This webinar will provide an overview of Rich Data Services (https://www.richdataservices.com), an innovative platform providing concurrent access to data and metadata through industry standard web services. The RDS REST API can be used by data scientists or application developers to query and access data, perform analysis, create web portals, develop story telling visualizations, machine learning, and other purposes. RDS comes equipped with two web applications for data exploration and tabulation to serve the needs of casual or public users. 


Alongside the platform, the RDS COVID-19 (https://covid19.richdataservices.com) and Public Data Centers (https://public.richdataservices.com) have been made available to provide access to popular datasets, supporting research and allowing users to experiment with the services. This  includes several Canadian Public Use Microdata Files and COVID-19 statistics, which will be used for demo purposes throughout this presentation. 


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24 Novembre, 2020
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