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The age pattern of retirement: a comparison of cohort measures

TitreThe age pattern of retirement: a comparison of cohort measures
Année de publication2011
AuteursDenton, F. T., Finnie R., and Spencer B. Grant
JournalSocial and Economic Dimensions of an Aging Population (SEDAP) Research Papers
Mots-cléscohort perspective, measures of retirement

Measures of retirement that take a cohort perspective are appealing since retirement patterns may change, and it would be useful to have consistent measures that would make it possible to compare retirement patterns over time and between countries or regions. We propose and implement two measures. One is based on administrative income tax records and relates to actual cohorts; the other is based on a time-series of cross sectional labour force surveys and relates to pseudo-cohorts. We conclude that while the tax-based observations for actual cohorts provide a richer data set for analysis, the estimated measures of retirement and transition from work to retirement based on the two data sets are quite similar.

Document URLhttp://socserv.mcmaster.ca/sedap/p/sedap283.pdf