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Postsecondary education and the labour market in Ontario

TitrePostsecondary education and the labour market in Ontario
Année de publication2010
AuteursDrewes, T.
Date PublishedSeptember
InstitutionHigher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO)
VillePeterborough, ON

Educational attainment in Ontario has increased significantly over the last two decades and public policy continues to promote increased participation in the province's colleges and universities. Using the National Graduates Surveys and Census data, this report examines the evolution of labour market outcomes for postsecondary graduates from 1986 through 2005 to determine whether the number of graduates and their field of study choices match the general needs of the province's labour market. Although there is some evidence that there are not enough college and university graduates from the technologically oriented programs, growing earnings premia to higher education provide strong evidence to suggest that there is a continued need for the increasing supply of college and university graduates in the province.

Document URLhttp://www.heqco.ca/sitecollectiondocuments/final%20drewes%20eng.pdf