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Introduction to SAS

Date: October 14, 2017 9:00am - 12:00pm
Venue: Dalhousie University

Heather Hobson ARDC and Statistics Canada Analyst

Workshop Description
Of the three statistical software packages most commonly used by social scientists, SAS is likely best at manipulating large datasets. This is why SAS remains the statistical software of choice within Statistics Canada. As such, some of the datasets that are produced by Statistics Canada and found in the Atlantic Research Data Centre are in only SAS format -- due to the size of the files (i.e., Census) or the data extraction tools that Statistics Canada has developed (i.e., the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics).

This hands-on introductory workshop is designed to provide novice users with the skills to convert ASCII or .txt files into the SAS format, to reduce or delete variables from the dataset, to recode variables, remove missing values, produce descriptive statistics (frequencies, means), merge data files and export data files into another statistical software.

Therefore, this workshop is geared toward the interests of both novice users who are interested in producing descriptive statistics and to the more advanced users of other statistical software, who find that they have to work initially with SAS, until they can convert their data to statistical software of their choice.

Workshop Fees and Waivers
Students must register online at www.dal.ca/faculty/ardc/training-opportunities/workshops.html in order to attend the workshop. The cost of the workshop is $100. Students or researchers that do not have a research grant to cover the workshop fee can contact the ARDC project coordinator to apply for a fee waiver. Those interested in a fee waiver should complete the online registration form and add a note requesting a waiver in the memo section of the registration form.

Dalhousie University
14 Octobre, 2017