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Afifi, T. O., Taillieu T., Zamorski M. A., Turner S., Cheung K., and Sareen J. (2016).  Association of child abuse exposure with suicidal ideation, suicide plans, and suicide attempts in military personnel and the general population in Canada. JAMA Psychiatry, 73 (3), 229-238., March Résumé
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Brownridge, D. A., Taillieu T., Chan K. L., Afifi T. O., Santos S. C., and Tiwari A. (2016).  Gender and the risk of men's and women's intimate partner violence across activity limitation types in Canada. Partner Abuse, 7 (2), 169-192., April Résumé
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Sareen, J., Afifi T. O., Taillieu T., Cheung K., Turner S., Bolton S-L., et al. (2016).  Trends in suicidal behaviour and use of mental health services in Canadian military and civilian populations. Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), 188 (11), E261-E267. Résumé
Afifi, T. O., MacMillan H. L., Boyle M., Taillieu T., Cheung K., and Sareen J. (2014).  Child abuse and mental disorders in Canada. Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), 186 (9), E324-E332., June Résumé