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Where to access data

The numbers of Research Data Centres (RDCs) and branches has grown steadily over the year, and researchers now have access to over 30 facilities across the country.

  • Alberta RDC

    The Alberta RDC is located on the campus of the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Researchers can presently access 8 workstations. It is advisable to book ahead, to ensure avaliablity, by contacting the analyst by phone or email.

  • Manitoba RDC

    The Manitoba RDC main office is located on the Bannatyne campus. A satellite office is also available at the Helen Glass Centre for Nursing (Fort Garry campus). Each of the sites contain several workstations, as well as a meeting room. All workstations are supplied with statistical software (SAS, STATA, SPSS, R). Users are expected to be familiar with the statistical software they are using prior to accessing the data sets.

  • Manitoba RDC - Yellowknife branch

    Located within the Institute for Circumpolar Health Research, the Yellowknife Branch opened in 2015 to serve Northern researchers with their data needs. It is affiliated with the Manitoba RDC. It provides access to detailed microdata from Statistics Canada’s surveys, Canadian Census data, as well as an increasing number of administrative data sets. The Yellowknife Branch RDC also promotes the use of data through associated training and resources, and can assist in the dissemination of research results.

  • Prairie Regional RDC

    The Prairie Regional Research Data Centre (PRRDC) was established in 2001, along with eight other RDCs, under the terms of a grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation. The principal investigator for that grant was Dr. Paul Bernard of the University of Montreal, with Dr. Richard Wanner representing the University of Calgary as a co-investigator. Since the Calgary RDC was initially the only Centre in the prairie provinces, it was named the Prairie Regional RDC, although Centres haves since been established at the Universities of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

  • Prairie Regional RDC - Lethbridge branch

    Opened in 2011, this facility is located on the University of Lethbridge campus. It is affiliated to the Prairie Regional RDC (PRRDC) in Calgary. We work closely with the analysts in Calgary who supervise this branch and conduct all vetting remotely.

  • Regina RDC

    The Regina Research Data Centre is located in Innovation Place at the University of Regina. The facility has approximately 1,600 square feet in space, with an anteroom, a main lab housing nine workstations, a Saskatchewan government research office housing two workstations, a meeting room and the RDC Analyst’s office. The RDC is funded by a joint-partnership between the University of Regina and the Government of Saskatchewan.

  • SKYRDC (Saskatoon)

    The SKYRDC (Saskatoon) is a provincial resource made possible by a partnership between the University of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation and the Health Quality Council.