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The Effects of Modern Treaties on Household Incomes in Aboriginal Communities

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 Over the years, several agreements have been signed between the Canadian government and Indigenous communities, including for self-government, comprehensive land claims and opt-in legislation regarding financial and land management authority. How did these agreements affect household incomes in Aboriginal communities?  Do household incomes vary across Aboriginal communities with and without such agreements?
Using data from the Canadian Censuses (1991-2006) and National Household Survey (2011), Krishna and Ravi Pendakur have examined these questions. Among other findings, they found that standalone comprehensive land claims agreements, both with and without associated self-government, are associated with income gains for Aboriginal households, primarily through increased labour income. However, where they were found, income gains were much larger for non-Aboriginal households than for Aboriginal households.
In this webinar, Krishna and Ravi Pendakur will discuss the data, method, and results of this study, as well as the policy implications.
CRDCN webinar series
30 January, 2018