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The Economic Impacts of the Quebec Parental Insurance Program

CRDCN Webinar series
September 28 at 1PM EST

With Guy Lacroix, professor of economics at Laval University.

Since January 2006, Quebec runs its own parental leave program, substantially different from that offered through the federal EI program. Most notably, it includes coverage for the self-employed and a choice between two benefit plans with options regarding length of leave and replacement rates. This innovative program, more generous and flexible, is also more expensive for employers and wage earners who fund it.

Few researchers have examined the impact of this program until now. Has the program met its objectives? What impact has it had on the birth rate, income, take up rate and length of leave? In this presentation, Guy Lacroix will discuss some of these issues using various data sets.

Guy Lacroix is a full professor of economics at Laval University. He his co-chair of the Industrial Alliance Research Chair on the Economics of Demographic Changes. He specializes in labour economics, applied econometrics and health economics. He has published numerous papers in top academic journals such as The Journal of Political Economy, The Journal of Public Economics, The Economic Journal, and The BMJ Open.

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CRDCN Webinar series
28 September, 2017