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Differences in benefits within non-standard employment contracts

TitleDifferences in benefits within non-standard employment contracts
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsZeytinoglu, I. U., and Cooke G. B.
JournalMcMaster RDC Research Paper
Keywordsbenefits, wes, workers

This paper examines benefits coverage among regular full- time, regular part-time, temporary full-time, and temporary part-time workers and asks whether there are significant differences in benefits coverage within non-standard workers, i.e. those in the latter three categories. Statistics Canada's Workplace and Employee Survey (1999) data is used for the analysis. Results suggest that regular full- time workers are more likely to receive benefits than all others, followed by those in regular part-time and temporary full-time employment contracts. As expected, temporary part-time workers have the lowest benefit coverage, suggesting that they are the most marginalized within non-standard employment.

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