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PRLF (Permanent Resident Landing File - Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada)


The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) permanent resident landing file contains approximately 2.75 million records corresponding to all individuals who landed in Canada during the 2003 – 2013 time frame. The information in the data file is derived from the information included on each individual’s landing record and has not been updated since the time of landing. The variables available may be described using the subjects list below. There are many more variables on the data file because grouped variables have been derived from the landing record data values. For example, age in years is reported on the landing record. An additional two variables corresponding to 5 and 15 year age groups have also been added to the data file. Another example is that the country of birth is reported on the landing record, while an additional two variables which categorize that country into a region of the world and an area of the world have been added to the data file.

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