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PCCF (Postal Code Conversion File)


The Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF) is a digital file which provides a correspondence between the Canada Post Corporation (CPC) six-character postal code and Statistics Canada's standard geographic areas for which census data and other statistics are produced. Through the link between postal codes and standard geographic areas, the PCCF permits the integration of data from various sources.

The geographic coordinates, which represent the standard geostatistical areas linked to each postal code on the PCCF, are commonly used to map the distribution of data for spatial analysis (e.g., clients, activities). The location information is a powerful tool for marketing, planning, or research purposes.

In April 1983, the Geography Division released the first version of the PCCF, which linked postal codes to 1981 Census geographic areas and included geographic coordinates. Since then, the file has been updated on a regular basis to reflect changes.

Postal Code Conversion File Plus (PCCF+)

The Postal Code Conversion File Plus (PCCF+) complements the Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF). When the association between the postal code and census geography is not unique, the PCCF+ allows for a proportional allocation based on the population count.

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