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Homicide Survey


Pilot Length: 3 years, currently being extended 
# of Projects: 6 approved projects to date 

The Homicide Survey is a census administrative survey completed for each police-reported homicide incident occurring in Canada. The Homicide Survey has collected police-reported data on the characteristics of all murder incidents, victims and accused persons since 1961 and all homicides (including murder, manslaughter and infanticide) since 1974. The Homicide Survey data are collected directly from police services. The survey captures incidents based on the reporting year — the year in which the homicide is reported to Statistics Canada. 

The goals of the pilot are to offer academic researchers greater access to the Homicide Survey data, to help Statistics Canada evaluate and refine confidentiality vetting rules for these data, and to improve end-user documentation. 


Update (April 2017): These microdata files continue to be available as a data pilot. There are two reasons for the pilot extension. Firstly, the number of vetting requests received to date have been insufficient to test of the vetting rules. Secondly, revised files are being prepared which will contain additional information not previously available on the Homicide Survey files available in the RDC. These new data elements will require further testing before the data becomes more widely available. New projects are being accepted into the pilot and when the revised RDC files containing 2012-2015 data are ready we will re-advertise the availability of these data. 

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