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(CPSS-COVID) Canadian Perspective Survey Series - COVID 19


The Canadian Perspectives Survey Series (CPSS) is a set of short, online surveys beginning in March 2020 that will be used to collect information on the knowledge and behaviours of residents of the 10 Canadian provinces. All surveys in the series will be asked of Statistics Canada’s probability panel. The probability panel for the CPSS is a new pilot project initiated in 2019. An important goal of the CPSS is to directly collect data from Canadians in a timely manner in order to inform policy makers and be responsive to emerging data needs. The CPSS is designed to assess the quality and viability of a more timely collection model using willing participants and web-only collection. CPSS is designed to produce data at a national level (excluding the territories).

From March 29 to April 3 2020, Statistics Canada conducted the first survey titled: Impacts of COVID-19. In order to implement this survey rapidly, it was conducted online only, among those who volunteered to participate in the Canadian Perspectives Survey Series (CPSS). This survey will be the first of the CPSS.

From May 4 to May 10 2020, Statistics Canada conducted the Canadian Perspectives Survey Series 2: Monitoring the Effects of COVID-19 (CPSS2). The CPSS2 covered a number of important topics including: the impacts of COVID-19 on food security and mental health of individuals, and on their social and employment circumstances.