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(CPSS-COVID) Canadian Perspective Survey Series 1 Impacts of COVID 19


From March 29 to April 3 2020, Statistics Canada conducted the survey on the Impacts of the COVID-19. In order to implement this survey rapidly, it was conducted online only, among those who volunteered to participate in the Canadian Perspectives Survey Series (CPSS). This survey will be the first of the CPSS.

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently disrupting the lives and habits of all Canadians. It is therefore necessary to quickly gather information to help understand its impacts on the physical and mental health of individuals, as well as on their social and employment circumstances.

This information will be used by government organizations, such as the Public Health Agency of Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada, and other types of organizations to evaluate the need for health and social services, as well as economic support during and after the pandemic.