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CRDCN 2017 National Conference

The many faces of inequality:
from measurement to policy

In 2017 Canadians across the country were celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Confederation by attending special events and happenings, by learning about key historical figures and milestones, and by remembering collective achievements and successes. While much was achieved during this century and a half which could rightfully be celebrated, Canada still faces critical issues that remain unaddressed or not fully addressed, calling for reflection and for action.The CRDCN 2017 annual conference examined some of these persistent issues by focusing on the many faces of inequality in Canada. Over 50 researchers presented their research results during the conference, and with their permission, several presentations are available below.

Keynote addresses

  • Miles Corak, Divided landscapes of economic opportunity: The Canadian geography of intergenerational mobility
  • Diana Kuh, Social inequalities in adult health and ageing: insights from a 70 year old British birth cohort study using a life course epidemiological approach.

State for the Network address

Working breakfast

Income inequality in older ages

Gender inequalities in the workplace

Ethnic and migrant inequalities

Human capital and labour market

Family and social connection

Health inequalities in Canada

Social mobility

Using administrative data for research: case studies of income assistance programs in Ontario

Determinants of health

Integrating administrative data: The challenges and the expected benefits for policy

Topics in income inequality

Family, childcare, and work

Mental health, victimization, and violence

Measuring inequalities: methodological challenges

Taxation policies and inequalities

 Postconference workshops