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CRDCN 2013 National Conference

Canadian Data: Looking back, moving forward

Click on the themes below to watch the presentations, or download the slides.


Aboriginal Peoples

  • Aboriginal Data and the Surveys on Aboriginal People: A Brief Overview” Erin O'Sullivan - Presentation slides

  • The 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey – Education and Employment” Tim Leonard - Presentation slides

  • The First Nations Regional Early Childhood, Education and Employment Survey” Katie Wood - Video recording - Presentation slides

  • The Community Well-Being Index (CWB): Measuring Well-Being in First Nations, Inuit and other Canadian Communities” Erin O'Sullivan - Video recording

  • The Effects of Migration on the First Nations and Inuit Community Well-Being Index” Martin Cooke - Video recording - Presentation slides

  • Is it Safe? Risk Perception and Drinking Water in a Vulnerable Population” Nicholas David Spence - Video recording - Presentation slides



  •  The Effect of Leisure-time Physical Activity on Obesity, Diabetes, High BP and Heart Disease in Canada: Evidence from 2001-2006” Sisira Sarma - Video recording - Presentation slides

  • Health Care Utilization and the Costs of Obesity to Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care” Mustafa Ornek - Video recording - Presentation slides

Gender Equality


Children, Family and Life course

Labour market and Income


Public policies

Administrative Data Panel

New Statistics Canada Data Sources

  • "Access to Statistics Canada Business Data for Academic Research: Canadian Centre for Data Development and Economic Research" Danny Leung - Presentation slides

  • "Overview of the Canadian Community Health Survey linked to hospital utilization and mortality data: A research opportunity" Michael Tjepkema & Claudia Sanmartin - Presentation slides

  • "Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS): an introduction and overview" Brent Day - Presentation slides

  • "Canadian Survey on Disability" Tim Leonard- Presentation slides

  • "Longitudinal and International Study of Adults" Andrew Heisz - Presentation slides

  • "The 2011 Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies in Canada" Sylvie Grenier & Louise Marmen - Presentation slides