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CRDCN 2012 National Conference - Children Outcomes Presentations

The Relationship Between Income and Children's Outcomes, by Annie McEwen (Carleton University)


The New Brunswick Children’s Rights and Well-being Framework: supporting evidenced based policy making for children, by Christian Whalen (Acting Child and Youth Advocate, Office of the Ombudsman)


Repeated Unemployment in the Household and Child Vulnerability in Receptive Vocabulary Achievement: Evidence from the NLSCY, by Justine C. Gibbings (Canadian Research Institute for Social Policy, University of New Brunswick)


Do You See What I See? Education, Child Protection and Child Health Services to Aboriginal Clients in West Australia, by Glenn Pearson (University of Western Australia)


The Well-Being of Children in the Canadian North, by Angela Daley, with Shelley Phipps(Dalhousie University)