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Congress for the humanities: CRDCN working lunch

Location: Room A104, Buchanan Building (University of British Columbia), from 12h05 to 13h15.

The availability of the confidential microdata through RDCs has provided Canadian researchers with a great tool and rich resources to address new research questions difficult to address with the public use versions of those data (PUMF). This potential is now further expanded with the addition of administrative data to the RDCs and the possibility of linking administrative from public agencies and StatCan survey data.

This panel will be a great opportunity to learn about the CRDCN, some of the recent datasets available for research in the RDCs, and to discuss data access in Canada compared to the US. With:

  • Byron Spencer (CRDCN). “An Overview of the research potential offered by the Canadian Research Data Centre Network"
  • Rose Evra (Statistics Canada). “Linking the Immigration Data Base (IMDB) and Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada (LSIC): The Promises and the Limitations”
  • James Falconer (Statistics Canada). “The State of Data on Indigenous population”
  • Barbara Downs (US Census Bureau). “Microdata files in the US: caveats and lessons for Canada".

This working lunch is sponsored by the CRDCN and is organized In collaboration with the Canadian Population Society (CPS) and the Canadian Sociological Association (CSA).

5 June, 2019
Research Data Centre (RDC):