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CRDCN researchers will have free access to Esri Canada’s GIS technology

We are pleased to announce that Esri Canada will provide researchers in all RDCs free access to its ArcGIS technology. ArcGIS is a complete geographic information system (GIS) that delivers powerful geoprocessing tools enabling advanced spatial visualization of a broad array of data. It will allow researchers to conduct different types of analyses and to overlay various types of data on a digital map, including health, socio-demographic and household survey data, allowing them to quickly produce high-quality print and online maps to share research results with the public. Esri Canada’s pledge amounts to a donation of more than $5 million to the Network. Read the news release to learn more.

13 July 2017 - 3:29pm |

Appointment at the CRDCN

We are delighted to announce that Byron G. Spencer, Professor Emeritus of Economics at McMaster University, has been appointed as the first Research Program Director of the CRDCN. The creation of this new position stems from the Network’s commitment in its 2016-2021 grant application Evolving to Meet New Research Data Needs and Policy Priorities to develop policy-relevant research programs. In this new capacity, Byron will initiate, facilitate, and encourage collaboration among academic researchers, policy makers, and data producers. He will work closely with federal and provincial departments and agencies to ensure that these programs of research address high priority policy concerns, and he will create teams of researchers to carry them out. Mike Veall will replace him as Academic Director of the McMaster RDC. 

7 July 2017 - 1:17pm |

Appointment at the CRDCN

We are pleased to announce that Michelle Gauthier has been appointed Special Advisor to the Executive Director and will share some of his duties for 2017-18. Michelle has been advising the Network’s senior management on governance issues since June 2016, but she has accepted a larger strategic mandate for the coming year on a consulting basis. We trust this staffing arrangement combining the skills and experience of Martin Taylor as Executive Director and Michelle’s talents will greatly benefit the CRDCN and help meet the challenges lying ahead.

3 May 2017 - 11:51am |