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New publication

The Canadian Labour Market and Skills Researcher Network (CLSRN) just released a new edition of its newsletter, Labour Market Matters. Among other highlights, we’d like to point out a working paper by Craig Riddell and Xueda Song on the role of education in technology use and adoption in which they used detailed microdata from the Canadian Workplace and Employee Survey accessed at the BCI RDC and Toronto RDC to investigate the causal effects of workers’ educational attainment on their use and adoption of new technologies.

Health Effect of Guaranteed Annual Income

The Town with No Poverty: Health Effects of Guaranteed Annual Income featuring the work of Manitoba RDC academic director Evelyn Forget was recently released by the Population Change and Life Course cluster in its Policy Brief series. Originally published in Canadian Public Policy, her analysis of an original Manitoba experiment conducted in the 1970s reveals that guaranteed annual income could significantly reduce health care costs by improving population health.

Health Reports

The most recent edition of Statistics Canada’s Health Reports is now available, featuring articles on chronic illness, mental health, assisted conception and seniors’ health.

21 November 2012 - 11:09am |