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The Muslim Question in Canada

Congratulations to Abdie Kazemipur, author of The Muslim Question in Canada: A Story of Segmented Integration (UBC Press, 2014), who has been selected by the Canadian Sociological Association as the 2015 recipient of the John Porter Tradition of Excellence Book Award. In addition to receiving the award at a special ceremony on June 3, 2015, Abdie will be a keynote speaker at the CSA's 2016 annual meeting.

4 May 2015 - 4:31pm |

Language skills facilitate the economic integration of immigrants

The Population Change and Lifecourse Strategic Knowledge Cluster just released a new Policy Brief summarizing a recent study by Lisa Kaida, Academic director of Memorial RDC, in which she used the Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to evaluate the impact of host country formal education and language training on the economic situation of recently arrived immigrant adults. Her results suggest that taking English and French language lessons help new immigrants exit poverty. And for highly educated newcomers, getting a Canadian education also makes a difference. The article published in Social Science Research is available here while the Policy Brief is downloadable here.

10 December 2014 - 12:10pm |

Oral health care in Canada

Concluding a three-year evaluation, the report of the multi-disciplinary panel on oral health established by the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences is now available. In addition to a literature reviews, the report presents an innovative analysis of data from the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS), which for the first time in approximately 40 years has provided nationally representative, clinical information on the oral health status of Canadians. In summary, the panel finds that there are major income-related inequalities in oral health and access to oral health care across social groups in Canada and that those with the highest levels of problems are also those with the greatest difficulty accessing care. You can read the executive summary and the recommendations of the panel by clicking this link.

30 September 2014 - 2:35pm |