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Opinions and Analysis

SSHRC Storyteller contest

We are happy to report that Annie McEwen, co-author of the CRDCN knowledge synthesis on the impact of income on children’s outcomes, was selected among SSHRC’s Top 25 storytellers finalists. She presented her research on May 26 in a special event at the 2014 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, hosted by Brock University. You can watch her presentation “Beyond Child Poverty: Understanding Childhood Disadvantage in Canada” here.

Future of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy in Canada

On behalf of the CRDCN, Bob McNutt and Byron Spencer have submitted a brief to Industry Canada in response to its call for public feedback on the renewal of Canada’s science, technology and innovation strategy. The submission highlights the contribution of the CRDCN as an essential world-class level research infrastructure for Canadian social scientists and health-related researchers, for managing and analysing confidential data to inform public policy and for training highly qualified researchers capable of applying state-of-the-art quantitative methods: “With proper financial support we will be able to build on our existing structure and strength to expand greatly both the variety and the volume of the data files that we study and, in that way, to engage fully in the world of big data.”

28 February 2014 - 3:02pm |

CRDCN sessions at CEA meeting

The PowerPoint presentations from the two CRDCN sessions on the longitudinal analysis of health issues and on immigrants and the labour market organized as part of the Canadian Economics Association’s annual meeting are now available. You can also consult the presentations of colleagues using linked census and administrative data files to examine health inequalities over the life course in a panel recently organized by the Population Change and Lifecourse cluster.