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Gender Wage Gap : synthesis of findings

Why do women earn less than men? Is it because they are overrepresented in professions that are at the lower end of the pay scale? Because they place a greater value on non-pecuniary aspects of a job? Because they have greater family responsibilities? Or because of gender stereotypes in the workplace? Written by Carole Vincent, the most recent CRDCN synthesis sheds light on the evolution and the persistence of the gender wage gap in Canada by examining these hypotheses based on the evidence generated by an important body of research using Statistics Canada’s detailed microdata files. You can also read the Research Highlight or listen to the presentation Carole made about it at the 2012 Network’s conference.

CRDCN 2011 Conference Report

The report from the 2011 CRDCN Conference “Coming of Age: The Policy Impact of an Aging Population” which was held in Edmonton in October 2011 is now available. Read it here, to know more about knowledge and data gaps in this area.

11 October 2012 - 4:15pm |

Fighting Poverty, Inequalities and Social Exclusion

As a follow up to the international conference on “Social Statistics, Poverty and Social Exclusion” organized by the QICSS and the MESS last fall, we are pleased to release Alain Noël’s report summarizing the main research evidence from Quebec, Canada and abroad presented at this meeting. You can download the report, the summary and the highlights.