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New CRDCN Research Highlight : breastfeeding and cognitive skills

The most recent CRDCN Research Highlight is now available. It is based on an article by Phyllis L.F. Rippeyoung who used the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY) to assess the relative impact of breastfeeding and home environment on poverty gaps in Canadian children cognitive skills.

8 September 2014 - 2:12pm |

Income and Children's Outcomes in Canada

What can we really expect from government transfers, such as child benefits, that increase household income? Do they really improve children's outcomes? Annie McEwen et Jennifer Stewart review the evidence in the most recent CRDCN synthesis: “The Relationship Between Income and Children’s Outcomes: A Synthesis of Canadian Evidence.” You can also read the Research Highlight and consult the annotated bibliography.

Conjugal violence among LGB couples

The most recent CRDCN Research Highlight on conjugal violence reported by lesbians, gays and bisexuals persons in Canada is now available. It is based on an article by Betty Jo Barrett and Melissa St. Pierre who used the GSS 2004 to examine the issue. You can also watch Betty’s excellent presentation at a recent luncheon organized by the McMaster RDC.

14 March 2014 - 10:47am |