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Canadian immigration: Economic evidence for a dynamic policy environment

TitleCanadian immigration: Economic evidence for a dynamic policy environment
Year of Publication2010
Series EditorMcDonald, J. Ted, Ruddick E., Sweetman A., and Worswick C.
PublisherMcGill-Queen's University Press
CityKingston, ON

Over the last few decades, in stark contrast to the situation of previous generations, immigrants to Canada have suffered from a marked decline in economic outcomes. As a result, economic and social issues regarding immigration are at the forefront of the Canadian policy agenda. Canadian Immigration assists in the crucial task of expanding the evidence base for decisions on new immigration and integration of immigrants by presenting a series of rigorous empirical investigations relating to the economics of immigration. The contributors to this volume showcase their expertise by providing updates on the impacts that closely related economic and social factors have on immigration policy and recently arrived immigrants. These essays consider a range of timely topics, including temporary foreign workers, employment, self-employment, education, and earnings trajectories.