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Kingsbury, M., Sucha E., Manion I., Gilman S. E., and Colman I. (2019).  Adolescent mental health following exposure to positive and harsh parenting in childhood. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 65 (6), 392-400. Abstract
Hammond, N. G., Orr S. L., and Colman I. (2019).  Early life stress in adolescent migraine and the mediational influence of symptoms of depression and anxiety in a Canadian cohort. Headache, 59 (10), 1687-1699. Abstract
Thériault, F. L., Garber B. G., Momoli F., Gardner W., Zamorski M. A., and Colman I. (2019).  Mental health service utilization in depressed Canadian Armed Forces personnel. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 64 (1), 59-67. Abstract
Georgiades, K., Boylan K., Duncan L., Wang L., Colman I., Rhodes A. E., et al. (2019).  Prevalence and correlates of youth suicidal ideation and attempts: Evidence from the 2014 Ontario Child Health Study. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 64 (4), 265-274. Abstract
Kingsbury, M., Clayborne Z., Colman I., and Kirkbride J. B. (2019).  The protective effect of neighbourhood social cohesion on adolescent mental health following stressful life events. Psychological Medicine, 50 (8), 1292-1299. Abstract
Johnson, D., McLennan J. D., Heron J., and Colman I. (2019).  The relationship between profiles and transitions of internalizing and externalizing symptoms in children and suicidal thoughts in early adolescence. Psychological Medicine, ePub ahead of Print, Abstract