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Ghazawi, F. M., Le M., Cyr J., Netchiporouk E., Rahme E., Alakel A., et al. (2019).  Analysis of acute myeloid leukemia incidence and geographic distribution in Canada from 1992 to 2010 reveals disease clusters in Sarnia and other industrial US border cities in Ontario. Cancer, 125 (11), 1886-1897. Abstract
Ghazawi, F. M., Cyr J., Darwich R., Le M., Rahme E., Moreau L., et al. (2019).  Cutaneous malignant melanoma incidence and mortality trends in Canada: A comprehensive population-based study. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 80 (2), 448-459. Abstract
Ghazawi, F. M., Alghazawi N., Le M., Netchiporouk E., Glassman S. J., Sasseville D., et al. (2019).  Environmental and other extrinsic risk factors contributing to the pathogenesis of cutaneous t cell lymphoma (CTCL). Frontiers in Oncology, 9 (300), 1-8. Abstract
Le, M., Ghazawi F. M., Rahme E., Alakel A., Netchiporouk E., Savin E., et al. (2019).  Identification of significant geographic clustering of polycythemia vera cases in Montreal, Canada. Cancer, 125 (22),  Abstract
Le, M., Ghazawi F. M., Alakel A., Netchiporouk E., Rahme E., Zubarev A., et al. (2019).  Incidence and mortality trends and geographic patterns of follicular lymphoma in Canada. Current Oncology, 26 (4), e473-e481. Abstract
Ghazawi, F. M., Le M., Lagacé F., Cyr J., Alghazawi N., Zubarev A., et al. (2019).  Incidence, mortality and spatiotemporal distribution of cutaneous malignant melanoma cases across Canada. Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery, 23 (4), 394-412. Abstract
Tsang, M., Le M., Ghazawi F. M., Cyr J., Alakel A., Rahme E., et al. (2019).  Multiple myeloma epidemiology and patient geographic distribution in Canada: A population study. Cancer, 125 (14), 2435-2444. Abstract
Amar, L., Le M., Ghazawi F. M., Rahme E., Segal A., Netchiporouk E., et al. (2019).  Prevalence of human T cell lymphotropic virus 1 infection in Canada. Current Oncology, 26 (1), e3-e5. Abstract
Ghazawi, F. M., Le M., Alghazawi N., Rahme E., Moreau L., Netchiporouk E., et al. (2019).  Trends in incidence of cutaneous malignant melanoma in Canada: 1992-2010 versus 2011-2015. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 80 (4), 1157-1159. Abstract