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ONCAT grant program - student transfers

ONCAT supports research that advances knowledge and understanding of the current state of transfer students and transfer pathways in Ontario. The objective of this funding strategy is to generate knowledge that can directly inform policies, pathways and institutional practices and contribute to a greater understanding of system-wide issues that impact transfer and student mobility. The deadline to apply to this grant is January 13, 2020.


The ELMLP is uniquely suited to understanding the research objectives of the ONCAT grant program.


Learn more about the Grant Here.

Be advised: CRDCN, in consultation with the ONCAT has determined that, because the final research report is considered to be a deliverable, Researchers working on projects under the grant will fall under our access and fee-for-service policy. Should you choose to apply for the grant, you should ensure that your budget contains the appropriate amount for data access under Category B funding. Please consult the policy for more information.