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New publications on Canada’s retirement income system

Colleagues form the Canadian Labour Market and Skills Researcher Network (CLSRN) just released a series of eight research papers on Canada’s retirement income system. Among them, three papers used confidential microdata files accessed through RDCs to look at important policy questions: Kevin Milligan examines issues around employer-provided pensions, Tammy Schirle looks at poverty among seniors, while Ted McDonald and Chris Worswick focus on the experience of older immigrants.

These papers come out of a three-year CLSRN research program directed by Kevin Milligan and Tammy Schirle and funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). The primary objectives of this research program were to explore key aspects of Canada’s retirement income system with a view to identifying challenges and potential challenges facing policy makers. All the papers, as well as the synthesis paper which provide an overview of the project and papers, are available in the CLSRN working paper series.