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Maximizing the value and impact of policy-relevant research

To discuss how to further enable evidence-based policy at all levels of government and how to maximize the value and impact of our research, the Network will host a special panel at the Canadian Policy Science Conference, in Ottawa in November. To know more and to register, click here. Early bird registration ends on October 7.

Wise public policy is informed by strong evidence derived from advanced research supported by insightful analysis of relevant data. The CRDCN is uniquely placed to advance social, economic and health research and to inform public policy in Canada. With renewed five year funding from CIHR and SSHRC, the Network is actively engaging with several federal departments and provincial ministries to accelerate the development of its collaborative programs of policy-related research.

Our panel will address how the Network's research strengths can further enable evidence-based policy at all levels of government, and consider how initiatives, such as the CRDCN, can position Canada as a global leader in policy-relevant research.

Moderated by S. Martin Taylor, Executive Director of the Network, the panel will be on November 10 at 1:30 pm. Our panelists include :

  • Jane Badets, Assistant Chief Statistician, Statistics Canada
  • Michelle Gauthier, Special Advisor, Canadian Research Data Centre Network
  • Nancy Ross, Professor of Geography and CRC in Geo-Social Determinants of Health, McGill University
  • Byron Spencer, Professor of Economics, McMaster University

Visit the CSPC 2016 conference website to know more.