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Invitation to comment on draft Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy

The Research Data community is invited to comment on the draft Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy, which aims to support Canadian research excellence.  Share your feedback by email before August 31, 2018. All details are available here. 

Following engagement with the research community over the past year, the agencies invite institutions, associations, organizations and individuals to comment on the draft policy and its usefulness in advancing data management practices in Canada. While all feedback is welcome, the agencies are specifically interested in comments on:

  • the impact of the suggested requirements (in section 3) for researchers, research communities and research institutions;
  • the ability of institutions and researchers to comply with those requirements;
  • the extent to which researchers and disciplinary communities are adopting data management best practices, including the use of data management plans;
  • the extent to which institutions are developing data management strategies, and what they have learned in doing so; and
  • the ideal timeline for implementing the policy.

View the HTML version or download the PDF version of the draft Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy.