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CRDCN Hiring: Director of Finance & Operations

CRDCN is hiring a director of finance and operations. The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring that all operational and financial accountabilities are met for the CRDCN’s CFI awards and its SSHRC-CIHR directed grant, including matching contributions from partner institutions and provincial governments. The DFO will also play a lead role, alongside the ED, in consolidating the plan for the long-term financial sustainability of the Network. This individual will: have a lead role in preparing the financial aspects of the SSHRCCIHR funding renewal application; assess how to strengthen the Network’s earned income activities, including further refinements to the CRDCN Access and Fee- for-Service Policy; assist in the review of the allocation formula for distribution of funding to partner institutions and make recommendations for updating the funding formula; and work with the CRDCN Board’s Finance Committee to both manage operational and financial risks and identify new funding opportunities. The Director will also have a central role in the development and administration of the ongoing collaborative research and policy initiatives to ensure their short-term success and the longer-term sustainability of the financial models pursued.

For more information please see the job posting here.