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Census 2006 linked to hospitalization data

We are pleased to announce the release of a linked data set that brings together data from  the 2006 long-form Census and the Discharge Abstract Database (DAD), thanks to the collaboration between Statistics Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). These linked data provide information on hospitalization patterns of Canadians and allow for analysis of subpopulations. They will also allow researchers to study the associations between the characteristics of individuals and their use of hospital services.  For more information about this new dataset, click here.

As part of its record linkage activities, Statistics Canada linked the 2006 long-form Census data with three fiscal years (2006/2007 to 2008/2009) of data from the Discharge Abstract Database (DAD). CIHI is collaborating with Statistics Canada to make the linked data available in the RDCs and to support researchers using the file. The linking of Census data with provincial administrative data held by CIHI creates a valuable dataset that can provide answers to research questions that cannot be found in survey or administrative data alone.