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Call for Proposals: Ontario Social Assistance Data - Pilot Project

To increase the accessibility of Ontario Social Assistance Data, the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services, in conjunction with Statistics Canada’s Research Data Centres, is conducting a 24-month pilot project. The Ministry is primarily interested in research whose results would enhance its understanding of disability, incentives to work and employment outcomes. Submit your proposals by September 25 to [email protected]  Researchers with approved projects will be able to access the data beginning in November 2014. For all details click here.

While offering academic researchers greater access to the Ontario Income Support data, this pilot project will also help Statistics Canada and the Ministry evaluate whether the RDC program is a viable model for accessing ministry data for academic researchers, which will in turn provide the ministry with relevant research for evidence based policy decisions.

Research papers/studies that include the following types of analyses or results presentation are of particular interest:

  • studies involving the production of basic tabular outputs (e.g., frequencies, means, ratios), including supplemental tables (to produce graphical outputs or support covariance matrices)
  • studies that incorporate one or more of the following:
  • low level geographical analysis
  • analysis using specific ages or age groups
  • analysis of benefit unit composition
  • analysis of type of income (other than earned income)
  • analysis of duration on social assistance
  • analysis using particular variables, for example:, immigration status, mental health, education, housing/accommodation, gender, marital status, addiction/substance abuse

Researchers will also be welcome to share their feedback regarding the quality of the data and the level of documentation provided.