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Budget 2016: Good News for the Network

The Liberal Government’s first budget contains commitments that are very encouraging for Research Data Centres across Canada. Coming in the wake of the reinstatement of the long-form census, the budget underlines the importance that the new Government places on data and evidence to make informed policy decisions. The CRDCN applauds the federal commitment to gather reliable and timely data to support policy-making.

New funding for Statistics Canada and the federal granting councils, especially for SSHRC and CIHR, recognizes the vital importance of supporting access to data and of investing in social science and health research in order to optimize the use and value of these data.

These commitments are especially timely for the CRDCN as they build on its strengths in the analysis of economic, social and health data and as it is about to develop programs of research to accelerate the translation of results to inform key areas of federal and provincial policy.

The CRDCN’s new Executive Director, Martin Taylor, commented that “the Network is fully committed to working with Statistics Canada, the universities, and its federal and provincial partners to seize the opportunities created by the Government’s investments in research to advance understanding of priority social, economic and health issues for Canada and thereby contribute to the development of public policies that improve the lives of Canadians.” 

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