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2011 CRDCN National Conference PowerPoint Presentations

Coming of Age: The Policy Impact of an Aging Population

Last fall, University of Alberta's RDC hosted the2011 CRDCN National Conference where researchers, policymakers and practitioners from across Canada took part in a critical examination of the many social and economic issues arising from population aging. Several Power Point presentations are now available, including key note speech by Susan McDaniel and presentations by renowned experts such as Norah Keating, Janet Fast, Peter Hicks and Michael Wolfson. 

Well Being and Adjustment of Sponsored Aging Immigrants to Canada
Shireen Surood, Alberta Health Services
Daniel W.L. Lai, University of Calgary

The health of immigrants over the age of 50
Aliza Rudner, Public Health Agency of Canada
Heather Orpana, Public Health Agency of Canada

The Intersection of Care and Employment
Janet Fast, University of Alberta
Donna Dosman, Statistics Canada
Donna Lero, University of Guelph

Conceptualizing the Economic Cost of Care
Donna Lero, University of Guelph
Norah Keating, University of Alberta
Sarah Lucas, University of Alberta
Janet Fast, University of Alberta

Re-designing the dependency ratio: Accounting for the third age
Kathrin Komp, UMEA University

Edmonton as an Age Friendly Community
Brenda Wong, City of Edmonton

Conjugal unions and other living arrangements of seniors in Canada
Anne Milan, Statistics Canada
Mireille Vézina, Statistics Canada

Ageing in an Age of Increasing Inclusion: Changes in Labour Market Participation Rates for Older Workers with Disabilities
Aron Spector, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Projecting siblings of the aging Baby-Boomers with Statistics Canada LifePaths microsimulation model
Yann Décarie, INRS-UCS
Alain Bélanger, INRS-UCS
Jacques Légaré, Université de Montréal

Working longer: its inevitability and its positive effects
Peter Hicks

Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) – Healthy Aging
Cathy Trainor, Statistics Canada
Leslie Green, Statistics Canada

In 2001, ‘Apocalypse No’; A Decade Later, Apocalypse Maybe?
Susan A. McDaniel, University of Lethbridge

Occupational Choice and the Early Assimilation of Immigrants to Canada
Nan Zhou, Concordia University

Longitudinal Health and Administrative Data Initiative (LHAD)
Richard Trudeau, Statistics Canada

Longitudinal and International Study of Adults: Background and Wave-1 content
Sylvie Michaud, Statistics Canada
Andrew Heisz, Statistics Canada

On the Replacement Adequacy of Canada’s Retirement Income System
Micheal Wolfson, University of Ottawa

Citizens as Planners of Rural Hospice Care: Policy and Practice Implications
Kyle Whitfield, University of Alberta
Riva Benditt, University of Alberta

Informal Caregiving and Financial Preparedness for Retirement
Jorge Uriarte-Landa, HRSDC
Benoît-Paul Hébert, HRSDC

Sooner or later: Life events and the timing of retirement
Benoît-Paul Hébert, HRSDC
Jorge Uriarte-Landa, HRSDC